Lets Advocate For Lakeland to Build Its Own  High Speed Internet Network

Faster Speed

An All-Fiber network will bring gigabit speeds to your doorstep. Faster speeds mean more bandwidth to work and play in our daily lives

Cheaper Service

More competition means that existing internet providers will have to offer cheaper service. The citizens of Lakeland win.

Super-Charge Business

An All-Fiber network that provides Lakeland businesses faster internet will empower them to bring  high paying jobs, more opportunity and diversify Lakeland’s economy.

LakelandFiberNOW is a Non-Profit group advocating for the construction of a high-speed all-fiber Broadband Internet network for the Lakeland area; bringing faster speed, better prices and greater privacy protections to all of its citizens.

What are LakelandFiberNOW’s GOALS?


The construction of a community owned high-speed All-Fiber Municipal network for the Lakeland area.

Internet Access For All

Internet access is key for the successful education and growth of our children. If  families can’t afford to pay for the internet service that their children need, the city should have a plan so ensure that they have a chance at a better future.

Fair Pricing Structure

No more hidden fees when purchasing internet access. The pricing should be clear and easy to understand.

Why We Need To Build Our Own Network:
Lakeland Doesn't Have Enough Internet Competition and is Falling Behind Other Florida Cities

Other Cities Have More Competition, These Maps Show Why Lakeland Needs to Build It's Own Network

(Darker Is Better)

For information on how we collected this data please go check this Link About How Determined Lakeland’s Internet Competition Map

"I was told by a Verizon FIOS associate that my neighborhood would never get fiber internet because we were in a historic district. It's time for Lakelanders to step up and build their own"

Bonnie Arndt

Private companies have failed to bring Lakeland the internet it needs at the price it deserves. Other communities have stepped up and said that's enough; we should do the same

Hans Arndt

IT Professional
Spectrum's service fees consistently rise, though service declines. The problem lies in the fact that I have no other service provider option.

Ryan Lopez

Spectrum treats me like they are my only option, and the sad part is that they are right.

Tiffiny Stephens

Probate Clerk
Every time I do a speed test for my internet, it's never what I'm paying for. Why can't our internet provider just be honest?

Jeannie Weaver

Lead Bartender Revival
I pay 200 bucks a month for internet access, yet I continue to see advertising promoting 99 dollars a month. It makes me wonder how much profit they are making off me

Angela Harwell

Master Chef

Communities around the country are building their own networks, Lakeland can too! 

Communities like Chattanooga, TN and Bristol, VA. These networks have saved these towns millions of dollars and have brought in businesses and high paying jobs.

Lakeland is Ready for More Competition

Lakelanders Aren’t Happy With Their Current Options

  • Would Switch
  • Wouldn't Switch

97% of People Would Be Willing to Switch

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied

 Only 16.7% of Lakelanders are very satisfied with their current service

Source: Magellan Business Plan 2019 pg 19

You’re Already Paying for the Fiber, We Might as Well Use It

Lakeland has over 300+ miles of existing dark fiber and it’s barely being used. Only a few public buildings and schools use the fiber for internet. Lakeland can use it to build its own network, saving millions of dollars.

Check out the proximity map below. The redder the color, the closer the fiber.

Existing Fiber Optic Cable Map

Redder Color Means Closer Fiber

Source: City of Lakeland 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gigabit Internet and why does Lakeland need it?

Gigabit internet allows people to access all of the things that make the internet great. It relies on glass fibers the width of a human hair to transmit beams of light for thousands of miles. Some things that Gigabit internet makes possible:

  • Improved Opportunities for local business
  • Tele-health services for our Senior Citizens, sick & Elderly
  • Increased real estate values
  • Resources for the elderly population to age in place

How Much Will it Cost to Build?

Numbers vary widely, but the cost for the city could be in the millions of dollars. We feel that a broadband project is a lot like building a road. Roads cost a lot of money to build, but they bring all sorts of benefits to a community. This project is an investment into our children’s future.

Should Lakeland Get Into a Public/Private Partnership to develop the network?

In short yes. We advocate for the city to partner with companies to deliver content using the infrastructure owned by Lakeland. The relationship should go something like this:

  1.  The customer receives Internet from the city of Lakeland. The city of Lakeland owns, maintains and delivers the data to the consumer using the fiber network built by the community
  2. The city forms private partnerships with content providers to deliver service using the city-owned network. So if a company want’s to deliver video services to Lakelanders, they can  partner with the city to ensure their content is accesible.

What if I have More Questions?

Thats why we formed this group! Our primary goal is to educate to the public about the benefits of a fiber network. If you have a group that is willing to listen please get in touch. Check out our Facebook Group, or  Contact Us page