What is LakelandFiberNOW and Who Are We?


LakelandFiberNOW is a group founded by local industry and tech professionals who see a need for Lakeland to build its own internet network. Lakeland is uniquely exposed to price hikes and bad service by local ISPs because it has some of the worst competition rates in the state. We have many professionals in the group, including CEO’s, I.T professionals, programmers and web designers. We want to make sure Lakeland continues the lead the pack when it comes to job growth and economic outlook.


Let’s Lead Lakeland Into a Better Future


We also recognize that many Lakelanders are upset with the level of service that is provided to them by the private sector. And they should be, Spectrum has some of the worst customer satisfaction scores in the telecom industry Lakelanders are tired of the slow speeds, poor reliability and sky-high prices. It’s so bad that the majority of Lakeland citizens would be willing to leave their current provider if something better came along. Some have even outright left the city for greener pastures.


The good news is that Lakeland is a resilient community that has not been afraid to lead the charge when they felt the need. This is one of those times. We are asking the community to rise up and demand a network that will propel Lakeland into the future; so that we can secure faster internet at cheaper prices for generations to come.


What Can You Do to Help?


In short, join us. The truth is the city of Lakeland officials have been dragging their feet on this topic for almost half a decade. While we are not asking for knee-jerk reactions and poor judgment on behalf of the city, We also want to see real substantive action on the part of our leaders.


If you feel the same way. Join us, stay informed and pass the word along.